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    Jing Rui material privacy policy

    Jingrui Materials will fully respect the privacy of our customers and visit the highest ethical standards in our industry. The system will automatically collect some of the users of each site access information, other information in the consent of the user to obtain the premise of the collection. Collecting information is to enhance the access experience for site users.

    Information we collect with the consent of the site user, such as an email address or other personal information, will not be sold or available to other agencies or companies, which are used only for trend analysis, tracking use and optimizing website management.

    Conditions and terms

    The materials or contents contained in this website are protected by copyright laws, all of which are owned by Crystal Materials, with the exception of references to other parties. No part of this website may be reproduced, distributed, reproduced, broadcast, transmitted or transmitted on a hyperlink in any manner without the prior written permission of Crystal Materials, and may be loaded on other servers by "Mirror" Information retrieval system or any other commercial purpose, except for non-commercial purposes, the downloading or printing of personal use (provided that the conditions are not modified and the copyright notice or other proprietary notices in the material are retained).